Outlook 2010 - Meeting will not close without sending an update

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JB Langston

I have a recurring meeting on my calendar in Outlook 2010 of which I am the organizer. If I choose " open this occurrence" , Outlook will not let me close the meeting window without sending an update to all attendees. Whether I click on the X button or choose close from the backstage file menu, Outlook just ignores the command and doesn't close the window. The window remains responsive to other commands; it just refuses to close. The only way to close the window is to either send an update to all attendees (annoying to them) or kill Outlook via task manager and start over (annoying to me). If I choose " open the series" instead of " open this occurrence" the meeting functions normally. I have tried deleting and recreating the meeting multiple times but I always have the same problem.


I've had same issue. In my case, I open an appointment in order to access a web link and then close it again. This " shouldn't" be a change, but you don't get an option to discard the change, it's just stuck... I've tried ESC to cancel changes, as well as " undo" (which is greyed out, so unavailable...). Have uninstalled and re-installed 2010, also no change.

I've noticed that in some cases, when I shut my PC down there will be several " Save Changes" dialog boxes that appear, and may be related to this (almost acting like when you try to close the window without sending an update, the " Save Changes" dialog does not come to the " top" to allow you to save or cancel changes). My $0.02.



Yea this is a MAJOR problem in Outlook 2010, especially for people that are managing other peoples calendars. You ABSOLUTELY need to be able to make changes to a meeting NO MATTER WHAT THOSE CHANGES ARE, and save the meeting WITHOUT having to update any of the participants.

A hotfix needs to be released for this like yesterday. Outlook is almost useless for us now.


I agree also. This is a huge headache. I've resorted to making 2 appointments on my calendar whenever I invite people, 1 for myself to change as needed, 1 where I actually invite people.


I'm having the same issue when opening a single instance of recurring notices. In some case, I'm able to use the Next or Previous commands to move to another meeting that can be closed, but in other cases those options aren't available. I'm also only given an aciton button to " Cancel Meeting" which would be worse than sending updates.
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