Re: Setting up msn email accounts with Outlook 2007 and wildblue mwconnections mail server

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No this does NOT fix the problem. my internet provider is Wild Blue. They have their email set up as the pop3 account

with the incoming as " and the outgoing as " If I set up any one of my 4 msn mail boxes as a pop3 then it combines them ALL together.. When the Wild Blue tech set outlook up in the initial install the 4 msn mailboxes were set up as MAPI, but I cannot for the life of me get it replicated and the harddrive on the old machine is toast.... When I used Outlook Connector (per the MSN tech) to set the 4 mailboxes up, they would NOT SEND the mail... I could get mail, but it was very very slow and there was the "windows live hotmail" across the bottom right corner of the outlook. I can send emails all day long under my, but I cannot run our two businesses sending emails from that account... any insight on the MAPI set up???