Receives email but does not display in inbox

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Using Outlook 2007/Vista/Webroot Antivirus with Spy Sweeper, I am able to send messages and apparently receive messages but they do now show in my inbox.

I say apparently because when I click on send/receive and there's a message on my isp's sender, I get the chime that alerts for someing new in the inbox and I also see the windows that give the subject and first couple of words that pop up in the lower righthand corner of the screen as email is received. Yet nothing shows up in my inbox.

Oddly enough, in Windows Mail I can see the email in my inbox but I get error messages when I try to send.

This started happening this morning when I tried to get my email. I don't know of anything in particular I did to initiate it.

I have exhausted the knowledge of my isp's tech support so here I am.

Thanks in advance.


Brian Tillman

Try cleaning your Inbox view. To reset all views, start Outlook once with the /cleanviews command switch. Press WinKey+R an in the Open field enter

outlook.exe /cleanviews

Be sure to include the space. Press Enter.

You can also click View>Current View>Customize Current View>Reset Current View to reset just the Inbox view.

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