Sent Items Folder Isn't Showing the Most Recent Sent Items

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The Problem:

A staff member using MS Outlook 2010 is unable to see any new sent items. They are able to send messages out, but any replies, forwards or new messages are not being copied into their Sent Items folder. E-mail messages sent after 8/26 are not showing.

Troubleshooting Steps Taken:

1. Rules - The user does not have any rules created.

2. Outlook Options - We have gone into File Tab - Options - Mail - Save Messages and made sure that the settings for Outlook are set correct.


3. Reconfigure Desktop Client - This is part of the MS Business and Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). We have to download, install and run the Microsoft Online Services program. The program configures MS Outlook with the proper exchange server information. You shouldn't need to set it up after the initial time, but we went through and had it reconfigure MS Outlook.

4. Send test messages - The user sent several test messages to themselves. The messages appeared in their inbox fine but never showed in their Sent Items.

5. Outlook Web Access - I had the user check their e-mail account from the Web (Outlook Web Access/OWA). All of their sent items were there.

6. Filters - There are filters that you can setup to show messages in certain ways or show only specific messages. By default these filters are removed when you change to a different folder or area in Outlook. The user does not have any active filters (and they should have been removed when we reconfigured Outlook in step 3).​

We are using Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 workstations with Exchange Server 2007.

Thank you for any suggestions, help and advice.

can you find the messages using instant search?

i've seen a few other complaints about missing sent messages but i don't know if anyone figured it out yet.

Were any updates installed after the 26th? (We know the july update is responsible for a number of problems.)
Slipstick, thank you for your quick and timely response.

I've passed your suggestion onto the user. It might take a day or 2 to receive a response back from them.

I've spoken to our network administrators who coordinate with Microsoft regarding our e-mail. They haven't received any notification that we have had an update performed recently.

Late last week we did encounter an odd "problem." It looks like the Exchange Server resent all messages that it had delivered for the past week. It seems to have affected all of our BPOS users.

Nothing more than that. So far this is the only user experiencing a "problem."

Thank you again for your help and assistance.

Late last week we did encounter an odd "problem." It looks like the Exchange Server resent all messages that it had delivered for the past week. It seems to have affected all of our BPOS users.

Did the problem with sent items exist before this happened?
I have the same issue of sent items not appearing.

I have a new Outlook 2010 set up. I have two is set up as pop3 (the go daddy account) For this account I see the sent items. The second is imap (gmail) - and these sent items do not appear.

I have also verified that "show sent items is checked in options". Thank you for any suggestions.
Are you looking in the correct sent folder? Outlook 2010 lets you set the sent folder for imap, plus gmail will save the sent items in it's sent folder (which can be subscribed to show in Outlook). Everyone I know ends up with 2 sent messages for gmail unless they disable the option to save sent messages in the imap's More Settings dialog.
I had a similar problem with Outlook 2007. Suddenly sent mail wasnt appearing in the sent items folder. Tried all available options then used the MS Office disk to run the REPAIR function. Restarted the desktop and all is now well.
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