2003: Issue dragging & dropping a Task or Email to pre-selected Cal. timeslot

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There's a feature in Outlook you may know about whereby you can drag and drop a Task from the TaskPad to a pre-selected timeslot on the Calendar, to block out Cal time to work on the Task. However, doing this is consistently setting the time to an all day sometimes week long event, or sometimes a 2, or 3 day event, rather than the say one hour pre-selected on the Calendar. This is also happening when clicking and dragging an Email to the Calendar. Re-installation of Outlook 2003 did not resolve this. Sorry I don't know any server settings etc as it's another workplace's server and I don't have further info other than this, but I did see the issue in action. Any idea what could be done? Many thanks :)

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Re: 2003: Issue dragging & dropping a Task or Email to pre-selected Cal. times

If you are dragging it to a specific time slot, it should be that long. If you open the appointment, is it set for the longer time period? If its wrong in the view but correct when opened, the view is corrupt.

If you drag to a date in the navigation calendar or monthly view, it may be an all day event.


Re: 2003: Issue dragging & dropping a Task or Email to pre-selected Cal. times

Good point that the view may be corrupt. The problem is in the 'Day/Week/Month' view, so we tried it in the 'Day/Week/Month View With AutoPreview' view but unfortunately the same problem arises.

The normal process taken and the result is:

Left click and drag a one hour (for example) time slot on the Calendar i.e. so it is blue.

Left click and drag a Task on the TaskPad (sitting on the right of the one day Calendar view) to the pre-selected time slot (the blue disappears while doing this)

New Calendar appt for that time slot opens with the Task details inside it.

Save and Close it.

Instead of appearing as a one hour time slot on the Cal., it appears as a one week appointment with start and end times of midnight (or other random lengths when re-testing)

Most frustrating, especially as re-installation did not resolve.

Could it be to do with the user’s ‘Profile’ rather than a particular ‘View’ being corrupt, or…?

Thanks! :)
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