BCM: Is the history of changes to records logged?

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Hi All,

I'm reasonably new to BCM but it is widespread across our organization.

Unfortunately, some of the "business notes" that I have logged on the system have been mysteriously edited by person or persons unknown. Some notes have vanished completely. (It's mostly notes appertaining to mistakes others have made that get affected by this "problem"! Hmmmm!)

My first question is this: Are there any 'hidden' fields that detail the edit history of records within BCM? Can I click on something to find out who edited a parcticular record, and when?

Also, is there any way, as a user, that I can 'lock' a record once I have saved it, such that it can only be edited by me?

Is it possible that the server admin can edit the database and change records without the changes being logged?


Are you on a network domain?
Do you BCM on a exchange environment?

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Not open for further replies.