Outlook Express 6 - Auto-Added Contacts are entered incorrectly

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Outlook is set up to automatically add contacts that I reply to to the address book. When I try to sync these contacts onto a blackberry, they have the contacts last name put in the middle name field. When I go to their listing in OE, and erase then retype the name (within the same listing, I never deleted or re-created it) the name will then be shown correctly when synced correctly on the blackberry. Obviously the problem is in OE, as manually entered names sync correctly. It's only when they are left as created by Auto-add that there is a problem.

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You say you are using Windows 7 - if so then you can't POSSIBLY be using Outlook EXPRESS.

Brian Tillman

On top of what Gordon said, if you're using OE, you can't sync with a Blackberry and if you're using Outlook, then you could not have configured it to to add to your contacts people to whom you reply without custom code. Please return with correct information.
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