How to add multiple exchange accounts without password / credential prompt?

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Bug: When I add more exchange accounts to an outlook profile, Outlook will prompt for passwords every time I open it, no matter if check the " save password" or " remember password" box or not. Of course, this could be told as a feature - but to me its a bug. I always connect to the same server.

I need to run some Outlook profiles with say 3-5 Exchange accounts. It works, except for prompting the passwords for each account. Obviously, thats useless for daily work.

Example account setup:

account 1


mailbox name:

username: exchange\chris

account 2


mailbox name:

username: exchange\ted

account 3


mailbox name:

username: exchange\diane

Client OS: Win XP SP3, Outlook 2010

Server OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 + Exchange 2010 SP1

Setup: Windows does not run within the Domain so I connect Basic.

I have tried all kinds of solutions (1 full day googling). None worked. On a Mac client, I connected 14 Exchange accounts using Mac Mail - no problems. Our iPhones also handle multiple exchange accounts without any trouble.

Outlook just does not play the game. Guys, thats a serious problem...

Please help...

best regards & thanks,


PS: I posted here and NOT in the exchange forum because I assume its a problem somehow related to Outlook2010 <-> Windows XP credential management.

AndyD_ [MVP]

What does this mean:" Setup: Windows does not run within the Domain so I connect Basic.'?


That means that I dont have Windows connected to a Domain but rather run it as " standalone" workstation, allthough within the same LAN. Its just the way it is setup. That should actually not influence the behavior.


ONE password wil be stored for a single server. No matter how many profiles I have. The last used credential will be stored.





no matter which profile I use, the last used credential will be stored.

1st start of outlook: using profile1 (assuming above account order):

- outlook asks for all passwords

2nd start of outlook: using profile1:

- outlook asks for PWs of fred@ and tina@, info@ is stored because its the last used login account from 1st start

3rd start of outlook:

- outlook asks for PWs of fred@ and info@, since tina@ was the last asked credential from the second start -> stored

4th start of outlook: using profile2(!):

- outlook asks for PW of fred@

5th start of outlook: using profile2:

- OK!

6th start of outlook: using profile1(!):

- outlook asks for PWs of tina@ and info@

get the scheme?

best regards & thanks,



I can replicate this behaviour 100% in our setup however the only difference being that the machines with multiple accounts are domain computers.

When testing the same on Windows 7 you get slightly different results. It will consequently ask for password the same exchange account as the domain account which we used to logon the machine. E.g. logging on windows with mydomain\user1 and having 3 Exchange accounts in Outlook being: mydomain\user1, mydomain\user2, mydomain\user3 it will always ask for password for mydomain\user1. For WinXP the behaviour is exactly as Stefan explained above.

Outlook 2010 Professional, Exchange 2010 SP1


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