hotmail (paid subscription): contact groups set up; how to get them into outlook through connector

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my wife just switched from gmail to Hotmail (after a devastating Nigerian phishing attack).

she's set up a variety of contact groups in Hotmail.

but she's running up against the limit to the number of contacts in hotmail (she has about 1200).

so off to Outlook 2007, which doesn't limit the number of contacts.

but she and I are stumped about how to do this.

and if one of you can tell us how (grateful for that) the next issue is how to get those groups from Outlook to Hotmail (right now the Hotmail groups do not appear in Outlook).

she's using outlook connector (the latest version).

her in-box, calendar, and general contact lists do sync.

but not her contact groups.

thanks very much in advance.



Try this,

Open Hotmail>>click Options>>scroll to Customize your contacts>>click Export Contacts>>follow directions



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