Heading styles become numbered when I use older MS word 2003 templates to create emails opened in Outlook 2010

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Word 2003 templates using Headings 1, 2 and 3 are used by my client to create HTML emails send through an exchange service to 10,000+ MS office 2003 users and 100 trial MS Office 2010 users.

The emails look fine in MS office 2003 but the Headings become numbered with Section or Article when opened in Outlook 2010. The styles in normal.dotm or normalemail.dotm are not numbered. It makes no difference if the Use CSS for appearance of messages is on or off.


Ruchi Bisht

Some of the styles and fonts in the older version are not supported in the newer version. The formatting and the file style have been changed in word 2010(.DOCX) from Word 2003 (.DOC).

There might be a compatibility issue due to which you facing this issue. Recreate the template in Word 2010 and use it as a template to send mail check if that works.

As you mentioned that an exchange server is being used in outlook, you can also check the below forum for help regarding the issue.


Ruchi Bisht


Many thanks Ruchi but hardly an ideal solution for a global company with 100s if not 1000s of templates.

I'll keep on looking


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