There must be incompatibility between Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2007 !

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need help

I recently Installted EXCHANGE 2010 sp1 , AND OUTLOOK 2010 works fine with it.

but OUTLOOK 2007 are always getting OAB downloading errors.

I executed all the methods i can search on the web. it's no use, I think i got the working ways of OAB , and all what i do is exactly what they want.

But OUTLOOK 2007 is still getting that error.

it's repeatable when i download OAB from the "tool", "receive and send" menu.

I can assure the SERVER is no problematic.

I change the OAB LIST on server, and OUTLOOK 2010 can see the change in the dialog box which asks me which OAB to download even there is only one.

who knows how to fix it with OUTLOOK 2007 ?

its boring although not influential. ( don't tell me to uncheck cached mode J)


this is a familiar issue with outlook 2007
1st check the OAB generating server is pointing to the outlook 2007 server or any other server
next check in the properties of the store is it pointing to the correct OAB
next do a test config and check you are getting the URL for the OAB if no
then this is the issue with the autodiscover
try to assess the URL in the in the IE check do you get any error like 500 permision block
in the Virtual directory check we have OAB and get in to the folder
and try to access the OAB.xml

Server Data Recovery

Brian Day MCITP

Can you please include the error your are getting in Outlook? If you go to the Folder View (Ctrl+6) and look in the Sync Issues folder, what errors are there?

need help

of course ,thank you brian.

but mine is chinese version.

the error is the last 3 lines. which corresponds to english that :
22:37:46 Microsoft Exchange Offline Address Book
22:37:46 did not download OAB file, Cannot found Server (URL)
22:37:46 0X8004010F

22:36:14 同步版本 12.0.6529
22:36:14 正在同步处理邮箱“Sean Wen”
22:36:14 正在同步处理分级结构
22:36:14 正在同步文件夹“收件箱”中的本地更改
22:36:14 正在上载到服务器“”
22:36:14 2 个项目在联机文件夹中被改成读取状态
22:36:14 正在从服务器“”下载
22:36:20 已完成
22:37:46 Microsoft Exchange 脱机通讯簿
22:37:46 未下载脱机通讯簿文件。找不到服务器(URL)。
22:37:46 0X8004010F


Could you please update your outlook 2007 for the latest version, and then make a test.
Could you test the oab url, and post them here, do you config some redirection on the web service.
Some related information for you:
Or you could recreate the oab url to make test, refer to:
Note, this forum is just for english, you could post your issue on chinese forum, or translate them into english.
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