Exchange 2010 - Update Address Policy - Wont update primary SMTP address

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I have about 800 users in Exchange 2010 that when their mailbox was created their alias was formatted incorrectly, so their primary smtp address was also formatted incorrectly. I want their alias to equal their samaccountname.

I ran the script below and fixed all of their aliases.

#get a list of your mailboxes

$list = Get-Mailbox

#process the list of mailboxes

ForEach ($item in $list)


#get the user's SamAccountName

$user = Get-User $item

$sam = $user.samaccountname

#set the alias

Set-Mailbox $item -Alias " $sam"


That worked…

But the problem I am having is that the address policy did not update their primary address to reflect their new to be their primary smtp address. The policy is set to as the primary reply to address.

I manually reapplied the policy, and it does not change the existing primary addresses. However, if I create a new user, it does create them correctly.

Any suggestions?

AndyD_ [MVP]

Is Automatically update e-mail addresses based on e-mail address policy (–EmailAddressPolicyEnabled:$true) checked for those users?


yes it is. I verified that. If i go in and manually remove all the smtp addresses besides the primary from the mailbox and click apply, the policy will create the correct addresses. But, it will not update the primary since the users alias has been chaged to match the samaccountname.

Brian Day MCITP

Did you edit the EAP with EMC or EMS? If it was done with EMS then try running...

Update-EmailAddressPolicy -Identity <policyname>

If you used EMC I think that command should have been run automatically, I'll have to go check.

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