Why can't remove the public folder database after i executed all the steps Microsft Technet archive told me to do?

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need help

Firstly I wanna create publicfolder to solve the OAB download problem for OUTLOOK 2007 , and turned out to no avail.
So i wanna delete the publicfolder database, i ever succeeded once or twice. But now nomatter how and what i do, it sticked there.

I don't wanna use adsiedit.msc to delete the nodes, So could someone told me other possible reason?

what i do is below:
TWO public folder databases pfdb1 on EX-MB1, PFDB2 ON EX-MB2, i wanna move delete PDFB1 now.

1. disable any OAB 's distribution in public folders.
2. try to use get-publicfolder -server EX-MB1 "\" -recurse -ResultSize:Unlimited | remove-publicfolder -server EX-MB1 -recurse -errorAction:silentlyContinue to delete the unwanted folders ( but error occured and failed to delete )
3. use "MoveAllReplication.ps1 -Server EX-MB1 -NewServer EX-MB2
4. use "ReplaceAllRecurseReplication.ps -ServerToAdd EX-MB2 -ServerToRemove EX-MB1 -TopPulicFolder "\"
5. wait a while (my public folder database is very small , shouldn't take much time ) and try to remove-publicfolderdatabase , still failed and showed that the database contains directorys and cannot be deleted.

Public Folder and OAB are absolutely what aches me best !
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