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I have some device Related and Room related mail boxes in my exchange server 2010 which I need to hide from the Global Address List. Also I need to create some supplier emails of my company just to be viewed by the Purchase Department Only.

How can I achieve this goal ?

Thanking you in advance,


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Brian Day MCITP

Hi Yosh,

May I ask why they need to be hidden? What if they were configured so only the purchase department can email them? Keep in mind if you start hiding devices and rooms it will make it far more difficult to properly use them for meetings.

If for some reason they must be hidden, you can just turn on the "Hide from Exchange address lists" checkbox on the "General" tab within EMC. What this does is execute the Set-Mailbox cmdlet with the -HiddenFromAdressListsEnabled $true parameter.

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Hi brian,

Thanks for the reply

They want to keep some rooms and devices hidden so that all the other users will not "disturb" them.

About the Suppliers the company only needs to access them from a custom address list. This should be only visible to the Purchase department only. So how can I make it visible on the custom List?



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Jonas Andersson [MCITP]


Just want to clarify..

You don't want the rooms to be included in the GAL?

They should have a own AL? Like "All Rooms"?

Or have i misunderstood something?
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Allen Song


For the Suppliers user account, you can create a specify Address List, and make that Address List include the Suppliers account. Then set the permission of the Address list, give the visible permission to only Purchase department.




Hi Jonas,

Yes I need the rooms to have on the GAL. But some devices I do not want to show on the GAL.

For the Purchase Department, I need a special Address list inclusive of all suppliers' email addresses and should only visible to the Purchase department email address only.

Hi Allen,

Can't I create the list by without creating an account?



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