What provides the different cmdlets?

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I'm running into many missing cmdlets in my install of Exchange 2010. I believe this may be because the server admin did not do a full install of the server.

In any case, where can I find what I need to install to have the cmdlet, "Set-OABVirtualDirectory"?

For that matter, is there a list of cmdlets and what provides them?


It may be a permissions issue. In the EMS, you will only get the cmdlets that the user has permission to run, according to their RBAC role. [string](0..33|%{[char][int](46+("686552495351636652556262185355647068516270555358646562655775 0645570").substring(($_*2),2))})-replace " "


Ok, time for me to admit to yet another moment of stupidity.

I was trying to run the command from Powershell, not the EMS. And that's the SECOND time I've made that mistake.

<sigh> Guess I forgot too much over the long weekend. :)


No problem. BTDT :)[string](0..33|%{[char][int](46+("686552495351636652556262185355647068516270555358646562655775 0645570").substring(($_*2),2))})-replace " "
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