Delegate cannot access Contacts folder

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Exchange Server 2010 w/ Outlook 2003

Boss user has assigned Assistant user as a delegate to his mailbox and given Editor rights to the Calendar and Contacts folders. Assistant can open the Calendar fine but when he tries to open the Contacts folder the screen says "Unable to display the folder".

I have removed and re-applied the delegate permissions, even gone so far as to give Assistant Full Control of the mailbox through AD/Exchange with no luck. Manually specifying the rights without making Assistant a delegate also fails. I've tried changing from Online to Cached Mode, waiting overnight to see if there was a delay in assigning permissions, and re-creating the Outlook profile on Assisiant's computer.

If I make Assistant a delegate to my mailbox and give him Editor access to Calendar and Contacts everything works fine. If I make myself a delegate to Boss's mailbox all works fine. The problem seems isolated to just the Contacts folder in Boss's mailbox from Assistant's computer.

I'm pretty much out of ideas here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Not open for further replies.
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