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My client has a Small Business Server 2003 running Exchange. I have his email setup to forward to a Gmail account then to his BlackBerry. In the forwarding, it is setup to leave a copy in Outlook. The other day my client received an email in his BlackBerry while in a meeting. After the meeting he went to his computer and turned on Outlook. Email started coming in BUT not this email. I logged into his computer and looked everywhere. This email is sitting in his Gmail account. In order to get to Gmail and to his BlackBerry it HAD to hit the Exchange Server.

There are no rules setup and this has happened before BUT not with the same sender.

Any Ideas what happened or where the email went?



Anil K Singh

Blackerry synch very much with outlook for emails, SO your mail will come to outlook and get synchronize with BB device. As you have mentioned email is getting forward to gmail So it menas working your Outlook.

There is lot of issue for synchronization between BB and outlook client. Just check from BB device about settings and also try to remove all rules and recreate it.



Sorry if I am not clear. I am just forwarding all the email. I have set that up in the User Object under Exchage General Tab, under Delivery Options.

I am not using Blackberry Sync or anything else. The email hit the Exchange server BUT did not show up in Outlook. The email did however show up in the BlackBerry. If the email did not hit the Exchange there is no way to get to the Blackberry.




Novak Wu


Does the issue occur on certain forward email or each forward email?

If the issue occur on each email, please assure the “Deliver messages to both forwarding address and mailbox” option is selected in Delivery Options.

However, if the issue only occurs on certain email, I suggest you open Message Tracking Center and search location of the missing email.


Novak Wu


This is sporadic!!! First, All email is forwarded to the BlackBerry's. “Deliver messages to both forwarding address and mailbox” is set.

Tried the message tracking and the missing message does not show up.

I was at the client on Friday and he received another message to his BB and went to check his Outlook and that message was not in Outlook. I immediately went to message tracking and looked for the message. No good, not there. It had to hit the Exchange server but for some reason it is not going into the Exchange server.

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