A file error has occurred in the CSV translator while initializing a translator to build a field map

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A file error has occurred in the CSV translator while initializing a translator to build a field map.

The file “C:\Users\JnanSmith\Documens\Jen\Business Outlook Contacts.csv is locked. This could be because the disk is locked, the file is read-only, in use by another program, or because you do not have permission to use a network path.


I've received this error message when trying to insert my contacts into Outlook 2010 with a csv file. Please help!

Russ Valentine

Could you please provide some more information with your post? A list of the steps you used to create the problem would be a good place to start. Are you trying to transfer Contacts by converting them to another format and then back again? If you created this CSV file by exporting from Outlook in the first place, the error is telling you that you failed to disconnect from the file after the export process.

Transferrring Outlook data through non-Outlook formats is problematic at best. There are safer and more reliable methods if that's what you're trying to do.

Russ Valentine

Karl Timmermans

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A friendly suggestion, just for the sake of clarity - the correct term is " when trying to <import>......." versus <insert> (may seem a trivial item but consistent terminology goes a long way when trouble-shooting)

That said - based on the your message " The file.................is locked" - likely causes are the following:

1) You copied the file from an external source and the " read-only" attribute has not been cleared. Right click on the file name --> properties --> Clear the <Read Only> box on the screen that appears

2) You have the CSV file open in another program - such as Excel. This could also occur if you have an " orphan" Excel task that has not closed that was using the CSV file even though it otherwise appears closed.

A quick brute force way to resolve issue #2 (if that is indeed the problem), reboot your machine and import the file again. Re-booting will release any potential " orphan file locks" that may exist if there is no obvious program that has the CSV file open.

In short - any message advising that a file " is locked" means that nothing else can read it - not an Outlook issue.
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