How do I re-enable the confirmation dialog?

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I am not sure if that is what it is called.

In Office 2007, when you reply to a message in Outlook. If you open up the message you replied to, there is a small section between the From section and the menu buttons.

It tells you that you replied to on DATE and TIME.

I am referring to that as the confirmation dialog section. It is missing on one machine. Not sure how to look up on the Internet. Nor am I able to find any Options/Settings.

Can you help, pls?

Brian Tillman

I think you're referring to the Infobar. What kind of account do you have? POP? IMAP? If this were to happen to me, I'd probably start Outlook once with the /cleanviews command switch. Press WinKey+R or click Start>Run. In the Open field enter

outlook.exe /cleanviews

Be sure to include the space. Press Enter. This will reset all views to their default settings. Be warned that if you've customized any views, the customizations will be lost.



Unfortunately, neither of these solutions worked. Sorry for the delay, it was very close to our end of fiscal. Now the end user is on vacation until Oct 20th.

After closer inspection it looks like this does not work for particular individuals. All part of our exchange system. The items are in the Sent Items folder, but there is not "info bar" in the message that was replied to.

There is also no icon that indicates a reply in the main list of emails, the ICON category.


Diane Poremsky

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Are they using an Exchange account or do they have it configured as IMAP? We've seen issues with IMAP accounts not using the reply icons and infobar.
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