Nothing appearing in the sent items folder and nothing appearing in the deleted items folder when I

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When I send an email ,nothing appears in the sent folder ,and when I delete an email nothing appears in the deleted folder

Brian Tillman

What type of account are you using (POP, IMAP, Hotmail/Live, etc.)?



I*ve noticed on my own machine ,the account type is IMAP,however on my wifes it is POP3, that colud be what the problem is. nI have made up a sent items folder. no problem with that, but I still cant get items to appear in my deleted items folder. It is really is no big deal,but I like to keep things nice and tidy.

Brian Tillman

In reality, there is no " Deleted Items" folder for IMAP. Outlook 2010, however, can be configured to mimic Deleted Items by moving messages from the source folder to a " Deleted Items" (or whatever you choose to name it) folder, then marking the original message as deleted. Since Outlook is using the " Hide Messages Marked for Deletion" view, the messages appear to leave the source folder (even though they really don't). Outlook versions prior to 2010 didn't even use the Deleted Items folder for IMAP. While Outlook 2010's default behavior is as I described, it can be configured to work as earlier versions did also. Click the File tab, select Accunt Settings>Account Settings. Choose your IMAP account, click Change, then More Settings. Select the Deleted Items tab. The radio button at the bottom controls whether or not Outlook uses a Deleted Items folder.



I followed your instructions but became stuck with the last bit. What do you mean by the radio button at the bottom? I have tried both buttons present but either (mark items for deletion and purge items), does not fix the problem.

Guruprasad Ra

Adding to Brian's suggestion follow the steps below and verify the results:

Open Outlook > Click on Account settings > Select the problem account > Click on Change > More settings > Deleted items > Enable the radio button "Move deleted items to the following folder on the server" > Create a new folder and verify the results.
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