word 2007 attachment won't open on windows 7 machine using Outlook Web Access v2003

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New machine running Windows 7, microsoft office 2010. Using Microsoft Outlook Web Access (v 2003) to get to work email.

I'm able to download word 2000 or 2003 documents just fine yet a single Word 2007 document (docx) is automatically being saved as a compressed folder (and I can't change the file type in the save as window) - I let it download this way and thought I'd extract the document but the actual document wasn't to be found. Just computer-ish support stuff.

Any suggestions? "Docx" documents are already tied to Word according to the control panel for managing software.

PS: I was able to download the file from that same email on my PC that is running Windows XP Home, microsoft office 2003 via the Microsoft Outlook Web Access v 2003 portal. It correctly identified as a 2007 Word document on the "save target as.." and then ran the conversion/reader to allow my 2003 version to open it. Both machines running same anti-virus program. I was also able to open the file if I forwarded the attachment to a commercial email service without any problems.


I've got the exact same issue on a machine running Vista Business x86 and Office 2007.
When I try to save a docx file from the Outlook Web Access it wants to save it as a compressed file with no file extension. I can change the format to "All files" and add the extension "docx" and the file will open, but this is not a good solution for my client. The file opens normally in Outlook 2007.

Is there a way of solving this issue?
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