Nothing shows when I type a new e-mail? Just blank screen

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Cajun Pete

A problem started with my Outlook 2003 yesterday. When I click " new message" and the e-mail form shows up, I can enter the address who I want to send the e-mail to and the subject. However, when I start to type the message, nothing shows up on the screen......just blank. I tried sending a message to myself for a test, and when it came in, the screen was blank. HELP!

Ezil Vinoth

Re: Nothing shows when I type a new e-mail? Just blank screen

Check if the font color is defaulted to the background color.

1. Open Outlook

2. Click on Tools> Options> Mail format

3. Click on Fonts tab> Click on "Choose fonts" tab beside "when composing a new mail"

4. Make sure the color is set to "Auto or Black"

5. Click on Ok, apply and Ok.

6. Now try typing and check how it works.

If you still face the issue, check how it works in a new outlook profile.
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