Out of Office Assistant in Microsoft Outlook 2007

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On my home laptop I have Outlook 2007 but I am not able to find the out of

office asssitant that in the tools menu like I can at work. Where is it on

my home version? Please help!

Brian Tillman

"eclloyd" <eclloyd> wrote in message


> On my home laptop I have Outlook 2007 but I am not able to find the out of
> office asssitant that in the tools menu like I can at work. Where is it on
> my home version? Please help!

The Out of Office Assistant exists only when you are using an Exchange

account. Most home users don't use Exchange, but use POP/SMTP, IMAP/SMTP, or

the Outlook Connector and a Hotmail/Live account. You're better off seeing if

your mail service provides a vacation function you can configure by logging

into the mail service via its web interface. Otherwise, you can construct a

rule in Outlook to emulate the OOA and leave Outlook running while you're

gone. See this:




Outlook version
Outlook 2007
Email Account
Thank you very much for your information. I have been searching for weeks trying to find the Office Assistant so I could put it on while I took my computer in. You are the first one to say that Office 2007 for POP connections does not have that capability. I had used it at work and incorrectly assumed my home computer would have the same feature. I even bought 2 Office 2007 manuals and neither of them had this informaiton included.

Thanks again!

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