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Error: 5102. Server. Xfs request 'SyncBinary' failed. Response code: 'Undefined'

Discussion in 'Using Outlook' started by parikp, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. parikp


    Unable to receive messages when accessing Hotmail using

    Client: Outlook 2003 SP3

    OS: Win XP Pro SP3

    Outlook Connector: 14.0.5117.5000

    Hotmail server: bay136

    Errors received:

    Time: 9/12/2010 2:17:42 PM

    Error in Mail

    The server reported a temporary error.

    Error: 5102. Server. Xfs request 'SyncBinary' failed. Response code: 'Undefined'.

    Time: 9/12/2010 2:17:42 PM

    Error in Mail

    Error with Send/Receive.

    There was an error synchronizing your folder hierarchy. Error : 80041003.
  2. parikp


    Continuing from earlier post ...

    I would appreciate any assistance on this matter.

    I had posted this on Windows Live Forum and the moderator responded as follows:


    Windows Live Ramon Jr. M


    I verified that you are using MS Outlook to access your account. Please contact the Outlook support team so you can be assisted with your concern. You can reach them through this link:

  3. parikp


    Synchronization Log:

    21:13:17 Synchronizer Version 14.0.5117

    21:13:17 Synchronizing Mailbox 'parikp@hotmail.com'

    21:13:17 Folder Collection Sync Key: 0{63999ebb-3d7f-49df-9095-f3e8c8ba92cf}2

    21:13:17 Message Collection Sync Key: 0{1fbc2df5-b6e3-4e56-acb2-55f8572dc87c}2

    21:14:18 The server reported a temporary error.

    21:14:18 Error: 5102. Server. Xfs request 'SyncBinary' failed. Response code: 'DbError', server response: '720 0'.

  4. Ezil Vinoth

    Ezil Vinoth

    Are you able to send and receive emails from Hotmail server? If yes, try the following steps given below:

    1) Remove the Hotmail account from Outlook. Refer to the link below for information on how to remove accounts from Outlook

    2) Delete the .OST file(s) associated with the Windows Live account

    a. Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run

    b. Copy and paste the following text in the Open field and then press "Enter":
    %userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

    3) Delete the .ost file(s) from the above location

    4) Now configure the Hotmail account using Outlook connector in Outlook. Refer to the link below for information on how to add Windows Live account in Outlook.
  5. parikp


    Ezil, thank you for your response and suggestion. I have tried that earlier with no success.

    However, since yesterday, it seems that there may have been some server side reset, but now I am able to receive my Hotmail messages using the Outlook 2003 client.

    I have been checking daily with no success. And yesterday, the Outlook client synched completely with the server.

    I have been able to move messages to other folders using the Outlook client. I log out and wait for 30 minutes or so. Then log into the web-client to access messages and the web-client seems to keep up with the Outlook client!

    This is quite a relief. Am glad to be emailing again.

    Appreciate your help very much.

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