Running Exchange 2010 on SSD

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I know Exchange can run on JBOD, and Raid SAN etc.

I'm thinking of implements a DAG based on physical servers with SSD, as these wont take more then 1 rack space (and rack space is expensive too here).
Maybe on sata 300 as internal disks.

I know Exchange 2010 has been optimized for sequental write actions
And in the past SSD was not that fast there, it was more used for random I/O
However its now 2010 and we can allready buy 1 Terrabyte SSD's
And it seams that many vendors of SSD have improved on sequintal write performance.
Servers are always expensive, but now i'm thinking of just some decent hardware 4 servers quadcore + 8GB mem + SSD 500GB in one dag over 2 sites.
Running all roles only the edge and OWA will be serperated to virtual host.

I have searched the web a lot, but couldnt find people telling stories how Exchange performance is on these days recent SSD's
If you have your storry let me know, which SSD vendor you used ?


I have a 3-node DAG with 2 members in the primary datacenter. 20 GB ram each, both are hyper-v guests.

Each physical host server has a Crucial C300 250 GB SSD in it, as well as traditional SAS raid arrays.

Each mailbox server guest has a D drive and an E drive configured. One has D on SSD and E on SAS, the other has D on SAS and E on SSD.

What this effectively allows is to have all active databases running on SSD, while the partner mailbox server runs its passive copy on SAS. So if there is any issue with the SSD flaking out, the SAS-based copy will take over.

Performance is fantastic, all our users run Outlook 2010 in online mode. You'll definitely want a high-end SSD, either the OCZ/OWC drives, the crucials, or the Intels.
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