Outlook 2010: Deleting files from the email server, while keeping them on the client PC

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I recently switched from Outlook 2007 to the new Outlook 2010 version. In addition to many new interesting features, to my surprise I ran into problems with my server mailbox reaching its size limits, so I started losing incoming emals, obviously a very upsetting situation.

Previously, I had Outlook 2007 set up so that all emails were simply downloaded to my PC any time I started Outlook, and automatically deleted from the server. So I never had this problem.

But now Outlook is actually synchronizing my email folders between the server and my PC. And as I have a nasty habit to keep many emails indefinitely (PC disk space is cheap, so that never before was a problem), the server allocated limits were reached within a few short weeks.

My incoming email account type is IMAP, and outgoing is SMTP.

Would someone know how setup the Outlook 2010 so that I can keep email on my PC, yet regularly empty the server folders? I don't really want any synchronization of emails between the server and my PC. Whenever I open Outlook, I want to simply download all my emails to my PC, and empty the server mailbox automatically.

THis is such an urgent and nasty problem to me, that I am considering going back to the previous Outlook 2007 version if I can not resolve this fast.

Thank you.

Hal Hostetler - Print-Imaging [MVP]

Outlook is always going to exactly mirror your IMAP server Inbox (as will any other IMAP capable email client, it is the nature of IMAP to keep everything on the server for availability anywhere), so the thing to do is to create a local folder, transfer your email from the IMAP Inbox to it, then delete the mail from the server.Hal
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