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I am very frustrated with this outlook... it IS NOT intuitive or even user friendly. When I tried searching for a particular email....it couldn't find it (no I didn't delete it)and then it would not show any emails in the inbox...after fighting with it for over an hour..I was able to pull up the missing emails by certain filters but that is very time consuming. The help is even more useless. In previous versions you could type in a name or subject name and it would pull it up...and it would list all my emails not ones just for the past week, etc. I am not impressed with this and have wasted more time then I have ever spent on something that should be simple but due the importance of email it needs to work..... I have worked with computers for over 20 years and have even done some programming but this is the first time I am so frustrated that I am ready to throw this program as far as it can fly. Email should be this simple - send/receive, write, reply, forward, search, print and anything else can be put into an advanced bar (put as much as like in the advanced bar, put a montage of Bill Gates if thats what you want but do not clutter up the simple parts)

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

Sounds like what you should probably do is turn off all the filters. Here's my suggestion:

1. Click View | Change View and choose "Compact".

2. Click "Reset View" (just for good measure) to reset it to the default, which should have no filters applied.

Now you should see a nice two line list of all of the e-mails in your Inbox. To search them just click the search box at the top of the e-mail list, or press CTRL+E and start to type what you're looking for.

That should get you pretty fast access to any message you like in a relatively easy way.
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