Linking One Note to other task folders in outlook other than "tasks"

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Hi, I am trying to link all my tasks/goals from onenote into outlook. The issue is when I change folders or drag a task into a new folder in outlook it disconnects with one note and can't be found. So, say if I have a " goals" tab in one note that I want to connect all my tasks with but there are multiple catagories as in my case. I create new folders in the tasks section of outlook for each specific category. Now, when I link a task in with outlook by default it goes into the " tasks" folder of the task section in outlook. I want it in one of the other folders I created and the only way I seem to be able to do that is to drag it into said folder (ex employment). However, doing this disconnects it with one note, so I can't interact with the task using one note. Does anyone know any way around this?

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

I'd have to check but I'm guessing the answer is No. I think OneNote only syncs with the default Tasks folder in Outlook.

Have you considered using categories and views instead of multiple Tasks folders?



I guess I never really understood categories, it was always a little confusing as every time I would click on something it would flip out and assign a category or the default catagory, idk guess I haven't taken the time to explore it.

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

Categories let you group items together. You assign a category basically the same way you would assign a folder. You can make a category for each project or categories for types of tasks. Then you assign one (or more) categories to a task.

Once you've done that you can view your Tasks folder " By Category" you can even set up filters if you want to that only show items from that Category (creating essentially virtual subfolders). You can also search by category.

It does take a little effort to set up, but once it's set up it should run pretty smoothly and it lets you keep all your tasks in a single folder so OneNote has no issues. AND for those time when you want to see your next tasks across ALL projects you don't have to try and aggregate 10 different folders.

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