New-MoveRequest makes Outlook 2010 disconnect?

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I was under the impression that when running a move-request users that are runnning outlook 2010 wont be affected and disconnected since they are connected to the CAS servers?

I just tried to move my mailbox to DB02 and my Outlook were disconnected.

# New-MoveRequest username -TargetDatabase DB02

Jonas Andersson [MCITP]


AFAIK it should be "online" but... when you have moved the mailbox, CAS needs to switch to the new DB and that could cause a disconnection

This is theory, and if the users are using offline cache mode it shouldn't appear

What Outlook version did you use and what mode?

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Brian Day MCITP

^--- this. During the move they should remain online and able to access the mailbox, but at the very end when Exchange completes the move they'll have to restart.
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