Trouble exporting my Outlook 2003 Contacts file to another computer running Win XP Pro SP3

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I tried to export my Contacts list from Outlook 2003 in one computer to another running Win XP Pro SP3. I did export the list to a removable disk using the Windows (Comma Separated Values) feature, since I could not find any .WAB or vCard feature to export. On the second computer I imported to the Address Book usins the Other Address book and choosing Text File (Comma Separated Values). The list imported in fine manner. However after taking out the removable disk and turning the computer off, next time when I turned the computer on and accessed the Address Book the contacts list had disappeared completely. I re-imported and the list of addresses populated well. Again it disappeared upon turning the computer off and later rebooting. Is there any way to save that imported list to stay in there?

Any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


A modicum of research would have told you that you didn't need to do all that nonsense. You never use import/export to transfer data from one Outlook to another. Why would you? Do you import and export Word files when moving from one Word to another?

Your contacts are held in the pst file.

Just copy that and open it in Outlook on the new machine.

(BTW Outlook has NEVER used a WAB file at all).

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Further to Gordon's response (which is the correct procedure)

#1 - There is no facility to export from / import to an "AddressBook" - you do however import to a contact folder which IF the contact folder does not have the "Show this folder as an E-Mail Address book" set (right click on folder --> properties --> Outlook Address Book --> option at the top) - contacts will not appear in the OAB

#2 - Re: VCF files - exporting is done on a contact by contact basis. Open contact --> Outlook menu --> Save As. Import option available via Outlook menu --> Import and Export --> Import a VCARD file (.vcf). Aside from using import/export for simply moving information from one machine to another is not the best approach - using the VCF format is probably the worst possible choice imaginable for that purposes given that Outlook's import process only works on one vcf file at a time (Outlook does neither creates a vcf file with multiple contacts nor does it support importing same - you would need a 3rd party product to accomplish that)



Ifollowed some of your suggestions to a point. The second machine does not have Office 2003 and has other type of office applications, so no Outlook 2003. The OS is Win XP Pro SP3. Still needed the contact list from the Outlook 2003. So I exported to removable media in .vcf format. Open the second machine and opened Outlook Express and its address book then imported the .vcf file to it, succesfully. Opener Start-> Programs-> Accesories -> Address book and there they were all entries. Closed the work for the day and next day when the machine was turned on and the Address bok was opened all entries were there.

Thanks for all your hel and assistance.

Till next time.
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