Using Outlook 2003, one date on my CALENDAR shows a purple BACKGROUND for the entire day. How do I format that as I have no idea how it happened and

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I printed a MONTH-VIEW of my calendar. One day shows a purple background behind all the calendar events. I have no idea how that happened, but would like to do it on other days and remove it from this day. How do I format the calendar do show colored backgrounds on certain dates?

Does that Appointment have a purple color label applied to it? You can easily remove or apply these labels by changing the value in the Label combo box when you open the Appointment, or by right-clicking the Appointment in the Calendar and changing the value under the Label menu item.

Note that individual dates can't have color labels applied to them, but individual Appointments or Meeting Requests in a certain day can, and they could be different colors.

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Yes, there are appointments that have purple labels (birthdays) associated with them, but so do a lot of other dates, yet not all the dates have purple backgrounds. Only this one date has a purple background.


I'm not understanding. There are TWO DIFFERENT things colored purple: all events labeled BIRTHDAYS (I made purple) for that day AND the background of the ENTIRE DAY shows a purple background. My question is how did the ENTIRE DAY get the purple BACKGROUND?????
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