Scanpst reports no errors in PST file, but Outlook 2007 won't open, reports errors.

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After working well (almost) for months, Outlook refused to start, with the error message that my PST file contained errors. I ran Scanpst.exe, which reported that it had repaired the errors. Outlook still would not open the file, reporting errors. Ran Scanpst again, which reported no errors. Outlook still wouldn't open the file. Ran Stellar Phoenix on a copy of the file; Stellar reported that it had repaired the errors, and indeed Outlook started with the repaired file, renamed to the name Outlook expected. However, the most recent 5 months' worth of emails were missing.

Stellar's website notes that Scanpst doesn't really repair the entire PST file, only the header, and my experience indicates this could be true. However, Stellar doesn't have its act together either. Scanpst is free, and almost worth the price. Stellar is $130, and is clearly not worth the price. Does anyone know of a program that actually works?


Usually if scanpst does not recover any data or does not fix the file, it means that the pst file is busted and is not recoverable.

This happen if you store a huge amount of data in the file. This is the only tool in MS to fix pst damages.

There are tons of tools online and you need to search online. You can check the below link.

Ensure to contact the software vendor before purchasing these tools. If the tool damages more data in outlook, it cannot be recovered. So Check if the tool is from a valid source and they have support.

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Brian Tillman

What is the EXACT and COMPLETE text of the error?

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