Using Catagory Colors with Shared (Internal) Calendars

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With Outlook 2003 we were able to assign labels to color catagories on our shared internal calendars - i.e. red meant new, orange meant old, etc.; the only one who could change the label names was our system administrator. With Outlook 2007 and 2010 (our staff is on a mix of the two programs), the catagory label colors are named by individual user and seem to carry over from personal calendars to shared calendars. Is there any way to "lock" the label names on a shared calendar and specify that only certain labels be used?

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Colors for Categories are unique for each user, so User A can have "Category A" blue, but User A can show "Category A" as red if they want. The Category names will "travel" with the Outlook item you apply the Category too though - even if they don't have that Category in their default list.

So I'd recommend you setup each user's Outlook to use the same color for the Categories you want "unified".

If you want to limit what Categories can be used for an item, you'd have to control this with code (like in an add-in).

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I used to have the categories I set up on my admin calendar show on the shared calendar. Suddenly they don't show on the shared one. I deleted and tried re-sharing but the category colors still do not show. How can I fix this?

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