Archived Calendar Items not removed from original and entire calendar is archived not the date range specified

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Geez. I am using Office Outlook 2007. I am trying to archive my calenday items pre-2005. I run the archive procedure, File>Archive> >Calendar >Older than 01/01/2005. A new complete copy of my original, too large, calendar is created under "calendar in archive" no items are removed from the original, so it is still too large. Both the original and Archive are identical despite my specifying a date.

Natasha Dsouza

Use the Auto archive feature as listed in the link below:

The delete expired items option is valid only for email folders. The auto archive feature will not delete calendar data after archive as the calendar data can have appointments which are recurring or linked to the newer appointments.

You can select and delete the calendar items in the default calendar folder

Calendar > view tab > current view > all Appointments > select the calendar appointments in the list and delete them.
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