Error Code 0X8004010F - Outlook Data File Cannot be Accessed" __How do you change the Data File Loca

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Barrie Angel

Just Installed Win 7 Pro and MS Office 2010. I have a seperate partition for my data files and I have to change the Data File Location. I got a window that allowed me to change my drive letter but have not been able to get it back so I can change the rest. I had it running finr in drive C:\ but when I changed my drive to M:\ it stoped working. I want to change it to m:\users\barrie\Outlook\Outlook Files\

Ezil Vinoth

What type of account do you use in Outlook?

If using a POP account, create a new Outlook profile and then reconnect the required PST using File > Open > Outlook Data File

Note: setup the email account in the new profile.
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