NewMail/Reply/ReplyAll freezing after send() if word editor is used‏

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Nad Cc

I have developed an outlook add-in in c sharp that replies to the recipients and
uploads a mail to a certain system when clicking on the customized
send. to reply to the recipients, I call the send(). Once the mail is
sent, If I open again new mail or the standard reply/reply all, the
window freezes. and this happens precisely when the word editor is
used. Even the word office freezes.

Do you have ideas how to resolve this? Any help will be appreciated.

Many Thanks,


Ruchi Bisht

Try the steps given below:

Disable all add-ins for Outlook one by one except the one created by you to verify if any other add-in is causing this issue.

If the above step does not resolve the issue provide detailed error report using theEvent Viewer.

Ruchi Bisht
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