5 minute delay sending email from 2010 to 2003

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Hi All

We are in process over moving our exchange 2003 infrastructure to a virtual ( hyper v) exchange 2010 infrastructure. it is a very simple move. we are going from simple exchange 2003 server ( all on one physical server) to simple virtual exchange 2010 server ( 1 cas/hub server and 1 mbx server)

we have got it working and i am in the process or slowly moving mailboxs from 2003 and 2010. what i have found is there is a delay from a user sending an e mail who is on 2010 to user on 2003 (up to 5 minutes). both the exchange 2003 and 2010 are in the same data centre so there is no distance involved. it is a simple 1 forest domain.

this only happens when sending from 2010 to a 2003 user. if a 2003 user sends to a 2010 user then it is instant as is 2010 to 2010

is this a known problem? are there any tips on troubleshooting this?


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Hi Niroshan

Thanks for the this

i have installed update rollup 4 and it has not made any difference, infact its even slower now (up 10 min delay). is this a known issue? the next step is to install SP1

do you have any other ideas i can try or troubleshooting tips



I had a Microsoft engineer on-site a couple weeks ago, and he said he saw this problem at another company. I don't remember the details, but I took a screenshot of the diagram he drew on the whiteboard. It shows two sites connected by a routing group connector in 2003. Then below that, it shows the 2010 infrastructure. He says that the messages flow from one routing group connector, through the other 2003 routing group connector and onto the 2010 server. Then, they are sent back the same way. He drew arrows that bypass the 2003 routing group connector and point directly to the 2010 servers, so one site communicates directly with the 2010 servers, not through any legacy 2003 servers. It's probably adding a new routing group connector and specifying different bridgeheads. I think he said attachments could be the issue too, making it worse as it goes between the sites.

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Hi Thanks for the reply

i thought it might be something to do with the routing/connectors between the 2 servers.

do you have any more information on how to add a routing group connector and what sort of settings would be needed.


Novak Wu


To create additional Routing Connecter from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2003, please refer to the following article:


Also, please refer to the following steps to collect the delayed information.

1. On Exchange server 2010, open toolbox, open mail flow troubleshooter, enter an identifying label for the analysis, and select “messages destined to recipients are delayed” option,

2. Click next, input Exchange server name and GC name, and then input the sender and recipient"s e-mail addresses.

3. Click a double next, click export report, save it as .xml file, compress and upload it to Skydrive (www.skydrive.live.com), and then share the link to me for research.


Novak Wu

Novak Wu


First, I would like to confirm the following questions:

1. Which client software is used to send email from the Exchange 2010 user, Office Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007 or OWA? If the software is Outlook, does the issue occur via OWA?

2. Does the issue persist after creating additional Routing Connecter?

At this stage, I suggest you refer to the following article to view Delivery Report via ECP. Then, please select the delayed email and view the Submitted time and Delivered time.



Novak Wu

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Thanks for the reply

the client we are using for Exchange 2010 users is outlook 2007

i have not created another routing connector as i am not sure what settings i need to set on this. and also do i need to delete the old routing connector

i have not tired to send a e mail via OWA yet so i will test this now.

could you give me some assistance on what settings i need on the routing connector. is there anything i can change on the current (default) routing connector


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Just another update.

i have tried adding another connector with the cost of 10 (default one is get to a cost of 1) and this has made no difference at all


Novak Wu


Please open Delivery Report via ECP and check the detail information about delayed email.


Also, does the issue occur when trying to send email via OWA?

To troubleshoot the issue, I suggest you temporarily turn off firewall and antivirus program, and then send the test the email again. If the email is still delayed, please refer to the following article to collect the Message Tracking and Logging for research.


You can collect the log file and upload it to Skydrive (www.skydrive.live.com), and then share the link to me.


Novak Wu

Dave Kawula - TriCon

I might suggest that you run a NetMon trace -- This is not normal -- I have done a lot of 2003 - 2010 Upgrades. Mail delivery is instant.

Might you be having an issue with DNS resolution to your GC and there is a timeout -- A Network Trace would surely tell us this.

That is what it feels like to me. Something is waiting to timeout.

Do you have 2 x DNS Servers? Is one of them down or the wrong IP. I have seen weird issues like this before.

Word to the wise -- Make sure the underlying infrastructure is solid -- I have spent a lot of time troubleshooting Exchange when it isn't even an Exchange issue.

Hope this helps,

Dave Kawula

Principal Consultant

TriCon Technical Services Inc.



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