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CAn anyone, any .... bloody One..... tell me if I can export my Outlook Inbox emails into my Hotmail Inbox. All the emails are originally hotmail. I have no other email accounts. The hotmail account is a hotmail plus account and all the email are toX@live.com.

Or can I import from Hotmail "outside" emails when I have a hotmail plus account. I read somewhere that this ws possible. Will somebody either put a bullet in my head or give me an answer. Jebus this musta bin asked by somebody else at some point in the past.



Thanks Brian,

I did this and it worked. I had originally installed outlook connector when i first set up the hotmail account in outlook. Unfortunately I did not check the "Keep a copy on server" box within the settings and it downloaded all the messages. While it was doing this it also set up Outlook connector which for some reason madea duplicate of everything that I had. Anyway I deleted the connector account and re installed it. Then I copied the messages from my normal inbox into the outlook connector inbox and Outlook Connector synced the folders over the next couple of days.

Not straight forward but it worked nevertheless. So a Big thanks



Brian Tillman

I'm glad it worked. Something bothers me, though. When accessing Hotmail via the Connector, Outlook does NOT download and delete messages from the mailbox. It does that only when using POP access. I'm also bothered by your statement that it took a "couple of days" to move the messages back. It should have taken only until the very next Send/Receive event. The usual process is to move the messgaes, then perform a send/receive. Outlook and Hotmail should sync at that point unless there is a sync error. Oh, well. At least you're operational again.

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