I have added an Assign Task button to a cutom group in the Tasks Ribbon. When I click on it I get a

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In the tasks section I have added a new group in the ribbon. In the group I placed the assign task button. This is for users to create tasks for others. When I click on the button I get the message " Could not open the item. Try again." If I click on the New Task button, create a task and then within that task, click on assign task, I can successfully assign a task. I have looked around the internet but have not found a solution.

Ruchi Bisht

Which version of Outlook do you have (Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007 etc...)?

How did you add a new group to the Ribbon?

Provide a brief description of the issue so that we can help you better.

Ruchi Bisht


I am using Office2010 Home and Business in WindowsXP Pro SP3. In the tasks section of Outlook, I right-click on the ribbon and choose " Customize the Ribbon" . I add a custom group uner the Main Tab. In that custom group I put the " Assign Task" button. The group and the button get added successfully, however when I then click on the button in the ribbon, It get the message " Could not open the item. Try again" . Any help you can give is much appreciated.

Somasundaram Pandiaraj

Check if you"re facing the issue with all the tasks that you have got. Ensure to click on "Tasks" in the navigation pane as shown below. Now click on "Assign Task" option in the tab that you have created.
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