Contacts (sync'd with Google Apps) won't connect to address book

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My address book will not connect to my contacts. I sync my contacts with a gmail account using Google Apps, and everything works perfectly - contacts, email, calendar, and tasks, however, the Address book comes u empty when I try to compose and email and click "To:".

I've tried adjusting the properties for the contact lists to include them as address books and everything is checked appropriately. Also, in the Outlook Account Settings window under the Address Books tab, my contact list is included.

This worked perfectly on my previous PC running Windows 7 Ultimate, but on my new PC running Windows 7 Professional, this problem occurs.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


John T.

Russ Valentine

Need more information. When you click on the To: field, do you get any error messages?

What mail account type are you using? How many Contact Folders exist in your current Outlook profile? Which Contacts Folder did you configure to display first in your address book view?

Russ Valentine
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