Cannot display the folder. There is not enough free memory to run this program. Quit one or more pro

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Since Outlook 2007 SP2, whenever I used Outlook for some time (5-10 minutes), I start getting the error
" Cannot expand the folder. There is not enough free memory to run this program. Quit one or more programs, and then try again."
When I quit Outlook and open it up again, I can then again work for 5 - 10 minutes before receiving the error again. The error appears whenever clicking or expanding a folder (public folder or mailbox folder) except for the Inbox, which is always working, but for example clicking on " Sent Items" or " Outbox" produces the error, as well as any Public folder.
When the error occurs, mail in the Outbox also doesn't get sent until I restart Outlook. This problem occurs in Outlook 2007 and 2010. I was running Outlook 2007 on WinXP with all the latest service packs installed. Outlook 2007 was running in Exchange Cache mode, in RPC mode (not RPCover HTTP), and I was connected to the office by VPN. I have disabled all add-ins, there is plenty of memory available (no other programs running and 2GB free memory available out of 4GB), I have tried fixing the .ost file (3.5GB) with scanost.exe, I even tried creating a new .ost file, the same error occurs over and over again. OL 2007 was running fine for a long time (more than a year) with the same .ost file, same connection, same Outlook profile, even with some Add-ins enabled. The errors started appearing only after installing Office SP2. I guess some Office update or service pack must have created the problem.
Now I'm using Office 2010 with a new Outlook profile, this time with a different Exchange Server (Exchange 2010), with Exchange Cached Mode, running with a server with RPC over HTTP, with a new OST, same problem. Even on another computer running Windows 7 creates the same problem. I was told by an MVP there is a connection limit now introduced since OL 2007 SP2, where Outlook has this problem after making more than 11750 requests. The connection dialog (right-click on OL icon in status bar) proves this: once the limit is reached, OL starts to behave like this.
Error messages on OL2010 are as follows:
Task 'Microsoft Exchange' reported error (0x8007000E) : 'Out of memory or system resources. Close some windows or programs and try again. Cannot display the folder. There is not enough free memory to run this program. Quit one or more programs, and then try again. Cannot expand the folder. There is not enough free memory to run this program. Quit one or more programs, and then try again. Cannot expand the folder. There is not enough memory available to perform the operation.
When is Microsoft expected to ship a patch that will correct this problem? Restarting Outlook every 10 minutes is simply ridiculous. Working like that a disaster.The problem occurs when connections pass a certain amount. Since in Exchange Cache mode Public Folders as well as Mailbox folders get synchronized, this limit is only reached in Cache mode because many connections are opened to synchronize the folders. I do need Cache mode, working in online mode is too slow. In addition to that, Desktop search is also indexing the Public folders, which might add to the connections.
The Problem occurs on several computers, also on computers of my colleagues, with WinXP, Win7, with Outlook 2007 and 2010, with Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010, with RPC or RPC over HTTP.
We now have a hosted server with an Exchange hosting provider, and we do have the same problem there too, it is definitly related to Outlook, Outlook also reports errors in background synchronization when the problem occurs.
I was told by a MS MVP already in May last year that this problem i known by Microsoft. He had the same problem too and several customers reported it in the forums. He then told the product development team at MS, and they wanted to look into it, at the same time confirmed that a connection limit was introduced in either OL2007 SP2 or 3, but apparently they never fixed that. Now with OL2010, the same problem persists.
Fixing the OST did not help, even with a complete new OST the problem occurs, disabling all ADD-INs didn't help either. All of this and looking at the number of connections proves that it has to do with this connection limit. Why this limit was introduced I don't know.
I have to leave downloading Public Folders enabled for several reasons:
to have a backup copy of Public Folders in case anytime our Exchange hosting provider goes bozo to be able to search them with Desktop Search for speed issues as we frequently use them
One of the big problems with this is also (apart from being very annoying to restart Outlook about 10 or more times each day) that I'm not sure if all of the Public folders really get synchronized. We have about 2000 Public Folders and checking each one would be a nightmare. Since the background synchronization fails every time because of the connection limit, I don't know if the next time it will start to synchronize the folders where it cut off the last time, or if it starts from scratch. Most probably the latter is true and some Public folders may never get synchronized.
What can I do? Any help is appreciated.


Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

We've already been addressing this issue with you in the Outlook forums. The reality is that, at least in my opinion, you have sort of an unusual scenario. I can't recall the last time I saw somebody who really needed 2000+ Public Folders in their PF Favorites.

I understand that you believe you do, and that's fine, but please understand the issue is sufficiently esoteric that the Outlook/Exchange dev teams aren't going to drop everything to focus on it.

The Outlook team is aware of your issue, I'm sure the Exchange team probably is as well. Perhaps one of them will think of a solution for you or perhaps there will be a fix for it in the next SP.

Considering that Exchange Public folders have been on death-watch for at least a version or two, however, I wouldn't be surprised if they don't devote a lot of resources to that specific scenario. Just my opinion, of course, not an official Microsoft position.


Hi Ben

I understand your point, I cross-posted here because this was suggested to me by a MS SP in one of the other forums.

We store our communications with our customers in Public folders, and we have created a Public Folder for each of our customers. This is vital for our business as we need to track back what was communicated between us and our customers. As most of this communication is done by email, we found the easiest and least time-consuming way to store those emails in Public Folders. As it's easy to search Public Folders with Windows Desktop Search, we need them synchronized in order to get indexed by Desktop Search.

If you know of a better way that lets you easily store, index, and search emails, please let me know and we'll look into it. We are just a very small team, so a CRM is not a solution for us to go.

I understand that Public folders will not be supported in the next version of Exchange, but this is not a reason that they shouldn't work in the current versions of Exchange Server and Outlook or that problems with them shouldn't be fixed. I have never seen that there is an upper limit to the number of Public Folders or to the number you can synchronize to your OST.

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

Oh, it's a good idea to post the issue here as well, to ensure the Exchange team has a chance to see it. I understand your issue and that's a tough situation.

How often do you access those messages in the public folders? Do you have a SharePoint server by any chance?


We access the messages in the public folders several times daily. Support for example uses those messages like a KB to find answers to problems we have already sent to customers.

Yes we do have a Sharepoint server, but it's a hosted server with an Exchange Hosting Provider, so from what I have seen it has limited functionality and can only be accessed through the Web, i.e. we cannot install any components on it for example.


I have exact the same problem with my Office 2010 running on a XP pc (with all the latest patches) although connected to a Exchange server 2007 (08.01.0240.006 version) running on Windows std. 2008 server. As I"m the first one to deploy the office 2010 before I do a mass deployment I have the issue as described.

After a 5-10 min. when clicking on any folders beside the inbox, calendar or contacts I receive the error message “Cannot display the folder. There is not enough free memory to run this program. Quit one or more programs , and then try again.” The only workaround is to close outlook and start it again which will then work for approximately 5 min. It makes no difference if other applications are running or not. I have disabled all add-ons and created a new Exchange profile without resolving this issue. I"m very concerned to deploy this version of office if this issue will appear on all of the workstations.





Please create the below registry on your machine & restart the machine.

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Messaging Subsystem
Value Name: SharedMemMaxSize
Value Type: REG_DWORD
Value Data: 0x800000
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Applications\Outlook\SharedMemMaxSize
Value Name: SharedMemMaxSize
Value Type: REG_DWORD
Value Data: 0x800000

Before doing the registry changes take the backup of the registry and proceed it.





I have tried this registry key before, but it doesn't change anything.

Also, I guess the value should be 0x80000000, not 0x800000, but I've tried with both values, it doesn't make a difference.



I have followed this KB and added new key disabeling cached mode for additional mailboxes and used the scanpst.exe to repair my .ost file and it seems to be working now (I have not restarted outlook for the last 1½ hour). Now the question is, if this is something I will need to do on ALL workstations once outlook 2010 is deployed!?


Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

You don't necessarily need to SCANPST to fix the OST files. Assuming there's no unsync'd local items in the OST just rename (or delete) it and restart Outlook. Outlook will create a fresh new OST file automatically. (assuming it can reach the Exchange server)


I have opened a Support case with Microsoft and they have now confirmed that this is a bug in Outlook.

Since Public Folders are deprecated since Exchange 2007 and will not be available in the next Exchange Server version after Exchange 2010, they are not putting a lot of effort on this bug and postponed it to the next version of Outlook, but it is also unlikely that they will fix it in the next Outlook version.

So the only solution is to not use a lot of folders with Exchange Cache mode (neither Mailbox nor Public Folders) to avoid this problem, as Outlook cannot handle them.
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