Keyboard types numbers and symbols following two actions: num lock key held and then released and a

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I have Outlook 2007, I have have been randomly having problems with my keyboard typing numbers ( consecutive order) after I attach a Word Document or when I hit Num Lock and then, release num lock. For the first instance, the numbers would type on the address lines and in the body, and I would usually fix the problem by starting a new email and then i can type again normally on my keyboard. Sometimes, it won't work and the number typing would continue even when starting a new email. I have done virus checks and restarted and the problem just seems to occur randomly. From reading various online solutions sites, I have also done the press the shift button for five seconds fix and sometimes it will fix it, sometimes it won't. I have tried working without the wireless keyboard and it still randomly happens. This has been happening for a few weeks now and although i can sort of do a workaround, it is still very annoying. Can someone share any better solution for this problem?


Niranjan I K

Create a new profile for outlook and then check if it resolves your issue. Click here for information on creating Outlook profiles.
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