How to make Outlook close completely.

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Steve in Northridge

We have 2 Outlook profiles, so it is important for Outlook to completely close when one of us is finished. Outlook no longer closes automatically when I click the "X." The Outlook icon remains in the toolbar. So when Outlook is next opened it opens to the profile that was in use when the "X" was clicked, instead of going to the Chose Profile dialog box. To get the icon out of the toolbar upon closing I must go to "exit" in the Outlook file menu. What can I do to get back to fully closed when the "X" is clicked? (We use Outlook 2003 on an HP machine loaded with XP Pro.) Thanks.

Steve in Northridge

Clicked Start. Clicked run. Typed "Outlook /safe." Outlook opened to profile dialog box. Chose a profile and opened Outlook fully. Clicked the "X" box to close. Failed to close. Had to close by going to file menu and clicking Exit.

Thanks for trying, but this wasn't the solution.
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