UseDatabaseQuotaDefaults mailbox setting ignored on Exchange 2010?

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Ben Lye

It seems like Exchange 2010 will ignore the UseDatabaseQuotaDefaults setting if quota settings are explicitly defined on a mailbox. Consider a mailbox configured with a value for ProhibitSend quota and UseDatabaseQuotaDefaults set to $true.

For example:

Set-Mailbox username -ProhibitSendQuota 100MB -IssueWarningQuota 80MB - UseDatabaseQuotaDefaults $true

On Exchange 2007 this mailbox would ignore the mailbox-defined quota and use the database-defined quota, but on Exchange 2010 it seems that the mailbox incorrectly ignores the database quotas and uses the mailbox-defined settings.

The documentation states that UseDatabaseQuotaDefaults should override any mailbox-defined quota settings:

Does anybody else see the same?