Outlook 2007 and Hotmail Calendar Synchronization issues

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I have Outlook 2007 on Vista 64 bit. Outlook connector 14.0.45* version.

Calendar synchronization with hotmail does not work while I have no problem synchronizing my mail forlders.

Sometimes, there is no Calnder synchronization at all. But sometimes, I can add an entry into outlook calendar and the new entry does show up on my hotmail calendar. But if I add an entry to my hotmail calnder through a browser, the entry does not show up in outlook.

So, sometimes, calender synchronization is not there at all and sometimes it is only one way.

If I go in and delete the ost file. Outlook starts downloading everything including all items in calendar. But after that initial calendar synchronization, I am back to having problems again.

Can anyone please help?

Ezil Vinoth

Do you get any error message at the bottom right corner of Outlook window.


No errors at all. Everything seems to be functioning as expected, except for the calendar synchronization.

I have now installed the latest version of OLC 14.05117 as well. No difference in behavior. I see entries in hotmail calendar that I do not see in outlook.


I checked the logs and now I see the following errors:

Time: 10/01/10 4:22:54 PM
Error in Mail
Error with Send/Receive.
There was an error synchronizing your folder hierarchy. Error : 80041003.

and a bunch of these:

Time: 10/01/10 9:51:19 PM
Error in Mail
Error with Send/Receive.
Look for a log in the Sync Issues folder.

But at the top of teh log file it says:

Outlook Hotmail Connector Version 14.0.5117.5000

Account: ****@live.com

Signed in successfully at 10/01/10 1:59:59 PM

Mail: Last successfully refreshed at 9:51 PM.

Calendar: Last successfully refreshed at 9:51 PM.

Contacts: Last successfully refreshed at 9:51 PM.

Still Outlook is not showing a calendar event that was added to my calndar by a colleague at 4:30 today through a webbrowser.

Any ideas? This is really making outlook connector and hotmail calendar sharing useless.

Thanks for any help.
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