Re: Outlook meeting reminders and Communicator IM's do not appear on top of other programs.

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I too am on windows 7, and I am a UI designer... I think this new design is appaullingly stupid (is that a word? well I think we need a new word for this level of stupid for this windows 7 design feature)

I missed an internet auction for an ipad that I had set a MSOutlook calendar reminder for, and I missed the reminder because I was working on my second monitor. even in windows xp I had two monitors, but I used to see the flashing taskbar on the other monitor.. but now the Aero bar is hidding notifications behind the main icon, and the colour only slightly changes to a light yellow colour.

All my meetings I am now missing the notification on average about 5-15 minutes after the reminder pops into the task bar.

I miss Office Communicator messages all the time, and some of them are super critical.

Microsoft, please I want an option to make the popups in Office Communicator and MSoutlook reminders more intrusive, and to popup on the screen that my cursor currently resides.

I love the popup that fades when an email message arrives.. thats the sort of notifications we need for meeting reminders and instant office communicator messenger alerts if we choose to use that option.


Outlook already breaks Microsofts own popup rules... for good reason... its helpful to see notifications :) Click Outlook -> tools -> Options -> Email Options -> Advanced Email options -> Desktop Alert Settings.... now why can't we have this same feature for calendar reminders? why can't we have this same feature for Office Communicator for people in a specific group?


I had to deal with that Problem that there was no Communicator Toast at the left Corner too.

As somebody proposed I deleted Communicator completly (incl. Registry), but that was not the solution.

Then I asked the User to log on to my Notebook (I had not this problem) and see Toast popping up.

After we deleted the Windows 7 Profile, the Problem was solved and still works since 5 Weeks.

Of course this is the hard way and not for every user acceptable..but what the hack, if you want to get rid, go ahead.

May be there is hope with Lync2010, since MS anounced that a kind of " Screan Reader" should be in charge for Toast Pop ups.

Damian Garcia

I cannot believe after a year of people complaining about this, Microsoft has continued to ignore this as an issue and dismiss the complaints. We should be able to choose if we want to see popup reminders. It is extremely frustrating for Microsoft to say, this is how you *should* be using something so we will not give you an option.

I do need my Communicator pop-ups and Outlook reminder pop-ups, as I still am missing IM's and meetings since using Windows 7. Oddly enough, every time someone brings this up as an issue on a Microsoft forum, the reply from the moderators is to completely brush it off like as though its a total user issue and considers the matter closed.

Nice service guys, really nice :(

Damian G


Over on the workaround side of this question. . .I've missed very few Communicator sessions since I started using DeskPins. Thanks tomjsagertfor proposing this.

In terms of Microsoft's (non)reaction, yeah, it's annoying, but they probably have 1.57 gazillion more urgent things going on.


I am amazed that they would take such a critical feature away and not even give you the option of returning to the old way.

I have MISSED SO MANY MEETINGS thanks to Microsoft.
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