Problems after using Cropping tool and Inbox Repair Tool and setting up a new internet mail account.

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After using the Cropping tool the title of the inbox is "Recovered Folder 8082", This file only allows you to view your old email and email folders, but you can't send/receive email. I renamed that file to Inbox and then I could send/receive, but all the new email I receive becomes reminders and also shows up correctly in the inbox. So you can imagine the screen is full of reminders and it is very difficult to do anything. I assume there is a step that has to be done after the cropping tool and inbox tool are run, because, obviously the inbox file and reminder file are seen as the same file. I did run the repair tool provided in Outlook under tools, no help. Can anyone help.?

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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Office 365 Exchange

you could try the /resetfolders swtich but because you needed to crop it, the pst is 'full' - for this reason, i would make a new pst and move the messages you need to the new pst.

close outlook, go to control panel and edit the profile to add a new pst.
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