Marketing Campaign will not launch with Outlook with BCM 2007

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Kosh Vorlon

I am operating Vista on Dell Studio XPS with Office 2007 Small Business. Not even 1 1/2 years old - I use Contact Manager for our small business and launched Marketing Campaigns successfully 1-2 times a month during this time. Several days ago it decided it no longer wanted to LAUNCH. I am at my wits end (as many of you are) for several reasons: most of the links pertaining to the software are no longer valid at Microsoft ; I found only 1 post at Microsoft pertaining to this issue posted about 3 weeks ago and no valid responses to it. The typical re-install which I tried and there was also an error in the re-install (pre-installed by Dell ) - location not found!! I have SP2 and am concerned about a full re-install as Microsoft no longer supports this if SP2 is not installed. I even used my product key at MS to locate the info and it tells me my input of the key was an invalid format and try again - how stupid can I be on inputting #'s in the format that is listed!!

There are three users in total (including the administrator) on this computer and the error is only on one user (of course, the one used for our business). The error occurs when trying to Launch a Marketing Campaign (all other functions seem to be fine). It will not work in any form, that is, withing Outlook or launching from Publisher. Now when I pull up a previous publisher mailing and try to launch it uses the original data (the number of contacts from way back when) and will not allow be to change it. I also tried creating a New Publisher without any data and it does the same.

I've spent three days searching (in circles) - like trying to conduct business these days isn't hard enough! Help, Help & Help!

Kosh Vorlon

Transferring to a new database was the answer. A bit sarcarstic thanks to everyone here who helped.
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