Forced to upgrade MS Connector ; now I can't access my hotmail

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Two days ago, when I started Outlook, I was given a message that I had to upgrade to a new version of Connector. I did so, thinking everything would be ok. DUH.

Right after the upgrade, I rebooted my laptop and then opened Outlook only to discover....I cannot access my hotmail email account. Outlook gives the following error:

La tâche «Hotmail : Dossier : Boîte de réception Synchronisation des en-têtes.» a signalé une erreur (0x800CCC33) : «L'accès au compte a été refusé. Vérifiez que votre nom d'utilisateur et que votre mot de passe sont corrects.Le serveur a répondu Forbidden. »

Sorry...I forgot to mention, I run Office (french version) since my clients are all french.

In essence, the message states that access to the account is refused. It wants me to verify the user name and password and to correct it if in error. Access to the server is forbidden.

I've tried modifying the hotmail account - reenter the name and password - but it still gives me this error.

What next?


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Brian Tillman

That error is associated with trying to use an HTTP account for accessing Hotmail. Try deleting the Hotmail account in the mail profile and adding it again, letting Outlook's automatic account creation do the work.



Brian, I've tried deleting hotmail and recreating it. This does not work. What bothers me most is that I was quite content with the way Outlook was running before it was FIXED. I was forced to upgrade to something that is obviously flawed. Now that its broke - I'm on my own - stuck trying to find a correction for something that was working just fine before it was FIXED. If I wrote apps like this, I'd be broke. How can they get away with this ____???

Sachin, I'll follow your lead and report back with my progress. Thanks

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I had to create link to hotmail using pop3. It would have been proper, after being forced to upgrade Outlook Connector, that a message also include an important notice to create via pop3.

What ever happened to through testing, ensuring minimum impact on users, and useful install documentation. It seems we are always left on our own to solve problems caused by hastily written fixes and 'upgrades'.

Consider this as 'John answered this by himself'.

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Natasha Dsouza

While configuring Hotmail account through Outlook connector it would require you to remove all the Hotmail accounts configured as POP and then reconfigure them using Outlook connector as MAPI.

For more information you may refer the link below:

Use a Windows live Hotmail account in Outlook.


Thank you Natasha. However, following your link I had some problems: I downloaded and installed Connector and during the following step...Download and install the Outlook Connector

6. The next time you start Outlook, you are prompted to configure the Outlook Connector. Enter the following information:

Your e-mail address Your password Your name as you want it to appear in the receiver's Inbox

This never happened. I was not prompted for the above information. Outlook started as it usually does.

Where in the link that you provided does it refer to converting POP to MAPI? I could not find it. I followed the instructions available, Connector is found in my Control Panel/Programs and Features, but within OUTLOOK there is no indication that Connector is activated or available for any analysis.

Any comments?


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Somasundaram Pandiaraj

There is no way to convert the email accounts from one type to another. Look for the "Outlook Connector" tab on top and then click on "Add account" to add a Hotmail account. Email address, password and the desired name should then be typed to configure the account. As stated in the previous post, delete the POP accounts that are configured and then start with the MAPI account configuration.


That's just it. In my Outlook, I don't see an "Outlook Connector" tab.

Can someone tell me how to manually configure OUTLOOK for my hotmail inbox (and junk mail too I must admit)? Right now, I have Hotmail configured as Pop and it works (sort of).

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Black Barron

If the outlook connetor addon is enabled, you should have a menu (like file, view..etc) --- Outlook Connector. If you don't see this menu, then either the addon is not installed or disabled.

Steps to enable the addon:

Click on the help menu and then click on disabled items, this wil give you a list of addons that are disabled.

Check in the programs and features, if lastest version of Outlook conenctor is installed


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