Using Outlook Calendar Printing Assistant in Outlook 2010

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I got the following from:

Having a printed copy of your Outlook calendar can be quite convenient. If the available printing options aren"t sufficient for your needs you should try theMicrosoft Calendar Printing Assistant for Outlook 2007. The Calendar Printing Assistant supports a wide variety of layout templates and allows you to print multiple shared calendars at once. Here are some examples:

The author is:

Tom O"Neill

Outlook Program Manager

Now there are folks there talking about how cool the Outlook Printing Assistant is so cool to use in Outlook 2010. I have 2010 pro installed. I can not figure out how to post or ask questions there at the blog site so hence here I am. Every time I try to install the Outlook 2007 Printing Assistant I get an error message that Outlook 2007 is not found, please install Outlook 2007. Is there some magic trick I'm missing? If you look at the blog there are very many people using it for 2010.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Jerry Yeagley

Ganesh Kumar N

Which version of office 2010 did you install (32 bit or 64 bit)?

The updated version of the Calendar Print Assistant for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 is intended to install on machines with either Office 2007 or Office 2010 32-Bit.

Check the link below to download the updated version of calendar printing assistant. The link which you have posted does not apply for Office 2010.

Ganesh Kumar N


Same here - OL 2010 (32bit), Win XP Pro (latest SPs) - plenty of RAM and HD etc.

Installed CPAO about a week ago and it worked fine. Tried to use CPAO today and CPAO opens and is functional but tells me that OL 2007 is not installed on the machine. I've done all the suggested workarounds/fixes I can find via web, have uninstalled, reinstalled etc.

Dont understand how the addin works one day and not the next. Ideas please?




Does Office 2010 64 bit have an alternative to CPAO?

Everyone's computers where I work are being upgraded to Win 7 and Office 2010 64-bit. Because I use CPAO every week for office-wide calendars I cannot upgrade (they did not purchase a 32-bit version puchased of Office 2010). Tell me Microsoft plans to either provide a 64-bit version or the current one has an alternative.


Diane Poremsky

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At this time, a 64-bit version is not available. No word on if and when one will be released, but I'm not expecting a 64bit version anytime soon.

Was work aware that many addins and sync software wont work with 64bit and its only recommended for users who need large (over 2GB) files in access and excel?

ETA: you can run a virtual pc with outlook 2007 and cpa installed - this method works well if you use exchange mailboxes.



" works well" is relative to how fast your computer is. I upgraded to 64 bit like the rest of my office and Virtual PC is so slow it seems barely worth it. If Microsoft would simply come up with a default calendar that allows printing for daily calendars for more than one person, it would solve my issue. I can SEE the schedules in my Calendar view, I just have no way to PRINT all of the calendars (i.e., 5 separate calendars, one day (8am-5pm) on one sheet) without CPAO. If this means an exorbitant reduction in productivity (it take more than twice as long to print off ONE sheet and I need 15 of these a week), this is hardly a good solution. For the record, I am running Win 7/Office 2010 64-bit with Virtual PC that has ONLY the basic Win XP, Office 2007 and CPAO on it. Nothing else.

There has to be enough uproar from 64 bit users to remedy this!

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